Amendments to Rulemaking Process Will Give Legislature Greater Influence Over Marijuana Rules

Amendments to Rulemaking Process Will Give Legislature Greater Influence Over Marijuana Rules

Amendments to Rulemaking Process Will Give Legislature Greater Influence Over Marijuana Rules

by R. Lance Boldrey and Paul Mooney

As the State begins the process of creating rules for the medical marijuana industry, recent amendments to the rulemaking process will give the Michigan Legislature greater influence over the outcome.

The Administrative Procedures Act (APA) governs the process by which state agencies promulgate rules. The APA spells out numerous steps to create rules, beginning with a request for rule-making to the Office of Performance and Transformation (OPT) and ending when the rules take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State.

Toward the end of the rulemaking process, proposed rules must be submitted to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). JCAR may object to proposed rules, but may only do so on specific grounds, such as the agency lacks statutory authority for the rules, the rules are arbitrary or capricious, or the rules are unduly burdensome to the public or to a licensee. Until recent amendments to the APA, if a notice of objection was approved by a majority of JCAR, JCAR’s option was to introduce legislation to rescind the offending rules. However, the bill to rescind offending rules had to be approved within 15 session days, or else the agency’s proposed rules would nevertheless go into effect.

Public Act 513 of 2016, signed by Governor Snyder last month and effective on January 9, 2017, gives JCAR two more options in the rulemaking process: (1) to suggest changes to the proposed rules, or (2) to propose a legislative alternative, and delay the proposed rules for 9 months.

First, upon reviewing proposed rules, JCAR may now recommend that the agency make changes. If the agency agrees to do so, it must withdraw the rules and submit the new revised rules to OPT. OPT will then analyze whether the new rules are less burdensome than the original proposal. If so, some APA requirements for further analysis are waived. In any event, though, the revised rules will again go before JCAR, causing some delays in the process. If the agency does not agree to change its proposed rules, JCAR may proceed to file a notice of objections.

Second, JCAR may now decide to introduce legislation to enact the subject of the proposed rules into law. In other words, JCAR can propose a legislative alternative. Practically speaking, if the agency declines to change proposed rules upon a request from JCAR, it can be expected that JCAR will submit such legislation. If JCAR introduces a bill in the Legislature, then the Secretary of State may not file the agency’s proposed rules for 270 days. If the proposed legislation is defeated in either the Senate or the House, then the agency’s proposed rules may be filed.

The net effect of Public Act 513 is that JCAR can significantly delay the effective date of new regulations and rules if JCAR does not agree with their contents. If JCAR asks the agency to change its rule and the agency agrees, OPT will have to evaluate the costs of the new rule, which will take time. Moreover, there is nothing in Public Act 513 preventing JCAR from asking the agency to change the rule again, lengthening the process further. In addition, JCAR now has more authority to introduce legislation, which could also lengthen the rulemaking process. Previously, JCAR could only introduce legislation after it filed an objection, which can only be done in certain circumstances. In contrast, under Public Act 513, JCAR can now introduce legislation without limitations. Further, JCAR’s bill could be in the legislature for up to 270 days, rather than the 15 session days under the previous law.

As new rules are proposed for the Marijuana industry, the administration will need to be more conscious of JCAR’s preferences for rules. Failing to account for JCAR’s views could make it impossible for rules to take effect in time for license applicants to file for licensees this year.


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Arizer Air

Arizer Air

Arizer Air, New style of Vaping

Bottom line: Arizer dreams up an effective new design for vaporizing on the go with the simple, sleek and durable Air, featuring an all-glass vapor path. And with standard glass stems, the Air is infinitely customizable.

The Arizer Solo has been one of the best-selling and most-loved first generation vaporizers, Arizer being the quickest manufacturer to offer anything near Volcano functionality for about half the price.

There have been rumours for years of a more portable successor, and here it finally is: the Air, a radically different vape design that is sure to be popular, with an all glass air path and great potential for customizing and accessorizing.


The Arizer Air package includes the heating unit and battery, a charger/power adapter,
3 x glass stems
(2 of them short, with plastic mouthpieces, one an inch longer without), a glass aroma dish, a nylon carrying case,
and a protective silicone skin. There’s a stainless Steel stirring tool, and 2 rubber caps for pre-loading the stems with herb and securing the load for travelling.

Out of the box, the first impression is of a sleek and compact design concept looking like a cordless microphone. The Arizer Air measures 122mm in height and 29mm in diameter, conveniently fitting in the palm of your hand, in a pocket, or purse.


A hard shell protects the Arizer Air from general wear and tear and a vented top keeps the surface temperature of the body cool.  Internally, a solid foundation surrounds the ceramic heating element adding an extra layer of durability.

arizer_air011THE HEAT IS ON

The Air has a 1-2 minute warm up time, a 5 setting temperature control system operated by the on-off button, and built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 10 minutes of operation.

The temperature levels are indicated by a tiny LED: Level 1 (Blue) – 180°C / 356°F;
Level 2 (White) – 190°C / 374°F;
Level 3 (Green) – 200°C / 392°F;
Level 4 (Orange) – 205°C / 401°F
Level 5 (Red) – 210°C / 410°F.


Uniquely, it’s the glass stem that is loaded with herbs (the glass chamber at one end, with holes in), inverted and the power unit lowered onto it and pushed into place, before popping the whole thing stem-side up again for use.

It looks weird first time but it works really well: the Air delivers great draw and taste, even with the plastic mouthpiece (this can be screwed off for even less resistance).

The oven chamber is identical to that of the Solo; the mouthpieces are interchangeable too, and all glass is standard size so it’s easy to add your own bubbler (note to self: must get one of these soon).


I started at white (2nd colour) for a couple of tokes and moved up to green and yellow to finish off the bowl. The vapor was cool and flavorsome, although when I tried the hottest (red) setting, the herb tended to scorch and tasted pretty bad.

But like I said, the draw is excellent at any temperature; very little resistance for such a compact design.


The Air arrives with one battery, but this is easily swappable (the base unscrews for a standard 18650 Lithium ion). Which is just as well because their life is not great (40-60 minutes per charge depending on temp used).

The carry case clips onto a belt and has 2 small pouches for a couple of extra batteries and/or loaded stems.

Cleaning is simple; glass parts can be simply soaked in ISO and thanks to the stem packing there is no tricky airpath to keep clean.


The Arizer Air is ultra-compact and lightweight, easy to operate and maintain, and completely portable. The sturdy (not cheap looking) plastic outer casing and optional skin make it very durable, and a wide range of parts and accessories lets you customize and protect your Arizer Air.

Offering up to an hour of continuous use per charge, plus the ability to use the unit while charging the battery, and the option to have spare batteries fully charged, the Arizer Air is ideal for day-to-day use at home and on the go.


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Trump Nominates Judge Neil M. Gorsuch for Supreme Court: Does He Support Marijuana?

Trump Nominates Judge Neil M. Gorsuch for Supreme Court: Does He Support Marijuana?

President Donald Trump has officially nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch as the next member of the U.S. Supreme Court. What is his opinion on marijuana legalization?

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch.

In a press conference this evening Donald Trump announced that he has officially nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to become the ninth and tie-breaking member of the United States Supreme Court. Gorsuch is a federal appeals judge as part of the 10th District Court of Appeals, based in Denver; he is also an adjunct law professor at the University of Colorado.

Gorsuch, 49,  has a history of conservative values and rulings. He would seamlessly assume the ideological lean the position had when it was held by the late Judge Antonin Scalia. Many liberals, and even moderates, fume at this thought; they had the opportunity for the first time in decades to take control of the Supreme Court when former President Obama nominated Merrick Garland last year. Of course, as everyone knows, Republicans spent months refusing to vote for Garland; this gave Trump an immediate opportunity to fill the vacancy.

Gorsuch, who has been praised by his students at the liberal University of Colorado, has said very little about his opinion of marijuana and its potential legalization. However, Michael Bli, a former student of Gorsuch, tells us he asked him a few years ago whether or not he supports legalization, and Gorsuch responded by saying that he at the very least supports “the federal government getting out of the business of prohibiting in.”

Although this is very little to go by, it is an indication that Gorsuch may support state rights on the issue of cannabis legalization.

Gorsuch now has a nomination process to go through, one that is expected to be heated with many Democrats already vowing to oppose to the pick.


About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at

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Marijuana Edibles: Know Your Limit

Marijuana Edibles: Know Your Limit

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Marijuana Edibles: Enough is Enough

7 Tips For Safe Consumption of Marijuana-infused Drinks and Marijuana Edibles

By: Paul @ CannabisOwl.

Marijuana may be safer than alcohol and tobacco but that still doesn’t provide a leeway for one to use it carelessly. In fact, if you consume more than the recommended dose, it can leave you very uncomfortable for several hours.

Marijuana edibles come in handy for people who want a discreet and healthy method of consuming cannabis.  Nevertheless, they take at least 30 minutes before they are synthesized. During this time, an inexperienced user could think that the delay is as a result of an insufficient dose and choose to consume more. This exposes them to potential marijuana intoxication once the drug begins to take effect.

Some issues associated with cannabis intoxication include rapid heart rate which increases the chances of heart attack, mental confusion causing one to be unaware of their environment, hallucinations, panic attacks, and extreme paranoia. No need to worry, though, since you can ensure your wellbeing by using these 7 tips for safe consumption of marijuana-infused drinks and edibles.

  1. Read and Understand the Labels
    The law demands that edibles are labeled to show the amount of THC or recommended servings for each package. If you purchase a chocolate bar labeled 100 milligrams THC, have in mind that if you divide it into 10 equal portions, each is expected to contain 10 milligrams of activated THC. Make sure you dose appropriately to avoid unwanted incidences.
  2. Consider your Level of Experience
    If you are a beginner in marijuana use, you probably haven’t figured out the dosage that would be appropriate for you. This makes it important to go slow. Start with a small dose, preferably lower than 10mg and weigh the effect before trying another dose. In case you have been smoking or vaping but are now trying out edibles, beware of the difference in absorption time as discussed below.
  3. Beware of the Digestion Time
    Unlike smoking and vaping, marijuana consumed in food and drinks takes at least 30 minutes to cause any effect on the consumer’s body. Many people mistake this slow onset for low potency and continue to increase the dose so that they can begin to experience a high. Unfortunately, the dose accumulates and the effects could be detrimental. Edibles have to be digested for their content to get to the blood stream. Food synthesis can continue up to 2 hours after consumption, at which time the effects of marijuana will be at peak.
  4. Listen to The Response of Your Body
    There are different factors that will determine the dose suitable for you. Your metabolism rate, age, body mass, and gender are some of these. As your weight or age changes, it is possible that the dose you had been using won’t fit you anymore. Talk to your doctor or supplier and have them help you determine a suitable dose depending on your body mass, age, metabolism and other variables.
  5. Keep off Marijuana when Hungry
    It may be food, but do not forget it is drug-infused. Just like you wouldn’t encourage a painkiller on an empty stomach, so too with marijuana-infused edibles or drinks. The effects could be stronger than you can handle or than you expected.
  6. Avoid Mixing with Other Intoxicating Substances
    Marijuana edibles mixed with other substances such as alcohol or tobacco can produce magnified effects. It is possible to experience nausea and dizziness too.
  7. Understand that Different Brands have Distinct Consistency
    The choice of marijuana edibles in the market is overwhelming. From cakes to gummies and hard candies, there is no lack of choices. However, note that each brand may have a different cannabis level depending on the strain of flower they use to prepare their edibles. Always go slow when trying a new brand and monitor how your body reacts before increasing the dosage.


It is crucial to understand that cannabis-infused drinks or foods take effect differently. They provide a distinct intense feeling, are experienced for longer time periods, and can take longer to vanish. One is also at a high risk of overdose if they do not have the right information or experience. Use the above tips to make sure you do not go overboard with your marijuana edibles and drinks.

About the Author

Paul has more than 5 years of experience working in the marijuana industry. He is a marijuana enthusiast that loves to read and write on anything that is remotely related to cannabis. At the moment, he is working as a content manager at CannabisOwl.

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G-Pen Elite

G-Pen Elite

The David Bowie of portable vapes

As any vape fiend will tell you, the perfect portable vaporizer doesn’t exist; size, power, design – everything is a trade off. But damn, the innovative yet gorgeous Grenco Science G-Pen Elite comes close.

The Elite arrives in an attractive cylindrical box with laser-cut foam inserts to keep the contents secure. Each Elite is individually numbered for registration, and hopefully to reduce the chances of cheap knock-offs of its brilliant design – the result of Grenco’s own research. The original, groundbreaking Pax was plagued by piracy, and there are enough decent, cheap vapes these days to make sure you buy what it says on the box.

Making an impression

Out of said box comes the device itself: super-tactile rubberized matt-finish, scratch resistant, ergonomically curvaceous yet so, so sleek – almost suave. A single recessed button on its back is the only interface at first glance; closer inspection reveal up- and –down swooshes in the side, which intuitively suggest temp control.

Right size & shape

And man, it is incredibly compact. This baby is tiny and fits easily into a back pocket. Its build and weight just feel right in the hand. And comfortable in either hand too, thanks to its ergonomic grooves. Neither too light nor too heavy, it feels solid and suggestive of longevity.

The Elite continues to live up to its name: standing upright easily, its elegance and understated good looks will appeal to both men and women; the G-Pen Elite is basically the David Bowie of portable herbal vapes!

Slim accessories

A slimline accessories box opens to deliver a micro-USB charging cable, a flat credit card-style bud-grater (or G Card; cool), and a matt black key-ring style packing and cleaning tool (ditto). Together, they make up the most perfect everything-the-stylish-vaper-on-the-go-needs package.

Revolutionary oven

The Elite’s charms are not just superficial. Under the hood, it boasts the largest fully ceramic chamber on the market, with a revolutionary 360-degree ceramic heating element that promises fast and even (mostly) convection vaporization of ground herb from all sides.

As the name suggests, G-Pen made its name with dabbing pens, and this venture into herbal territory is most auspicious.

G.Pen-014Right out the box

Salivating to give this thing a twirl, I plug the charger into the port on its base. I later discovered I could have used it right there and then, since the Elite can be operated while charging, even with a completely flat battery.

The rubberized mouthpiece snaps off to reveal a really deep (3/4 inch) oven. Combined with the 360-degree heating, this depth means you can comfortably load around 0.3 grams of herb without needing to pack it tightly, so airflow around the herb remains excellent.

Once filled, the mouthpiece snaps back snugly (no noticeable leakage between draws).

Initiating vapor production in 15…14…

Pressing that single G button 5 times (for safety) switches the Elite on, revealing a tiny but thanks to being high-definition, clear LED readout underneath the black translucent panel (that while switched off looked to be merely decorative). Current temperature (increments of 1 degree) and battery life are indicated.

…3…2…1 liftoff

Heat up is lightning fast; less than 20 seconds from room temperature to 210-°C – unparalleled! Those swooshes on the side do indeed set the temp (and toggle Fahrenheit to Celsius). Powered by a combination of a high-grade lithium-ion battery and smart-chip, the Elite is a high-performance vaporizer that can still sustain battery life for extended use

Grenco conservatively claims 12-15 sessions of 15 minutes activation; in practice, you can bank on more.

Getting a decent draw

It’s unfair to quibble but I gots ta find a flaw somewhere in this device! That would be the draw, through a small slot. At first it was too hot – as bad as the Pax 2. Maybe a bit too much effort. But the shape of the mouthpiece makes it quite versatile and open to various inhalation techniques. I eventually found a way of sucking decent draws of not too hot vapor (setting: 200°C).

In any case, in summer 2016 Grenco will be dropping some accessories on the market, including an extended mouthpiece for cooler vaping and longer sessions.

Talking of which, once on there’s no need to keep pressing the G button for hits – which makes it feel much more casual in use and great for passing around among your co-vapers-slash-extended sessions.

Herb hacking

With the ability to set any desired temperature between 200-428°F (93-220°C), you can play with low temperature true vaporization to explore optimal flavor profiles as well as ‘regular’ herbs with lower boiling point constituents.

Bottom line

Designed and engineered for portability, the G Pen Elite is the perfect marriage of form and function. Its vapor production is excellent for its size, delivered with speed and of a high quality.

It has more intuitive and clearer controls than competitors’ products, while being one of the smallest, most attractive designs to-date and incorporating features common to the best vaporizers (convenient charging, acceptable battery life).

G-Pen’s innovative technology opens up a new chapter in vaporizing experience, combining fantastic performance, taste, and effects in a discrete and beautiful device.

The Elite is aptly named.


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DEA eyes Schedule I classification for a batch of synthetic cannabinoids

DEA eyes Schedule I classification for a batch of synthetic cannabinoids

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is in the final stages of scheduling three synthetic cannabinoids as Schedule I substances.

The DEA proposes placing the chemical compounds AB-CHMINACA, AB-PINACA and THJ-2001 under Schedule I classification of the U.S. Controlled Substances Act, according to proposed rulemaking filings made public Thursday and published Friday on the Federal Register. As the rulemaking process progresses, the DEA also is extending a temporary ban issued in 2015 for the three substances that have been linked to “multiple deaths and severe overdoses” since 2013, according to the filings.

The three synthetic cannabinoids and related substances — sometimes referred to as Spice, K2 and various other names — are designed to mimic the effects of marijuana, but possess greater danger as they’re higher in dependence potential and potency, according to the DEA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The chemicals, which are not derived from the cannabis plant, are sprayed onto dried plant matter and packaged for sale.

“Globally, synthetics are the No. 1 long-term drug threat: They are a favorite of drug traffickers worldwide because they are cheap and relatively easy to make, and can be produced anywhere,” Russell Baer, a DEA spokesman, wrote via e-mail to The Cannabist. “Deaths in the U.S. from psychostimulants (which includes meth) have increased from 1,302 in 2008 to 4,298 in 2014.”

The highly accessible and potentially deadly concoctions also have started to confound the courts, the Associated Press reported earlier this week:

Those who make synthetic drugs can alter their chemical makeup faster than regulators can ban them, and those who sell them can skirt the law through misleading labeling.

Meanwhile, the DEA’s forensic testing laboratories are “overwhelmed with the amount of substances” they’re trying to identify and analyze, said spokesman Baer.

Amid concerns about consistency in punishment, the U.S. Sentencing Commission is doing a two-year study on synthetic drugs that, among other things, will look at whether to update the drug quantity table that federal judges rely on at sentencing.

Judges use the table to come up with the starting point for the sentence based on the amount of drugs involved, then factor in considerations like a defendant’s criminal history and level of responsibility.

“DEA is always concerned about the rise in new and emerging drug use and trafficking trends. We continue to identify a new psychoactive substance (could be a synthetic cannabinoid, cathinone, or opioid class substance) once every few weeks,” Baer said via e-mail. “Drug use and trafficking trends go in cycles: Our objective at DEA is to reduce their length and impact with aggressive enforcement and outreach.

“Right now, opioids are the substances causing the most damage to our country, but DEA is ever vigilant to emerging threats.”

A Schedule I classification — assigned to substances such as marijuana and heroin — indicates that the drug has a high potential for abuse, there’s no currently accepted medical use in the United States and there’s a lack of accepted safety under medical supervision, according to the DEA.

The comment period for the proposed rule for AB-CHMINACA, AB-PINACA and THJ-2201 extends until Feb. 27, 2017.

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Alternate Health partnering with Alturas Native Band

Alternate Health partnering with Alturas Native Band

Alternate Health Corp. is entering into a 30-year joint venture agreement with the Alturas Native Band to support the development, production, research and extraction of CBD’s used to create medicinal products.

Currently, Alturas is operating a 25,000 square foot indoor cannabis grow facility and the joint venture will use its production to develop cannabis-related medicine for testing and ultimately selling in California and potentially worldwide.

On December 11, 2014, the US Justice Department held over that Native Americans can grow and sell cannabis on Native reserve lands in accordance with state laws.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the Alturas Band,” said Jim Griffiths, CFO for Alternate Health. “We will bring our expertise in extractions and medicinal products to create a strong, stable and federally legal cannabis production operation in the state of California. We believe this relationship strongly positions Alternate Health for success in the this market.”

The facility, a 12 acre compound, will allow Alternate Health to manufacture substantial volume of sublingual, dissolvable pills and patches that can then be distributed to the many state compliant collectives and medical entities.

Alternate Health expects to close the joint venture transaction in early February and commence business in the spring of 2017. Alternate Health will receive 45% of the proceeds and the Alturas Native Band will receive 55%.

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Has the novelty of visiting Colorado for legal weed worn off?

Has the novelty of visiting Colorado for legal weed worn off?

Colorado’s workhorse “Come To Life” tourism advertising campaign lured fewer travellers in the spring and summer of 2016, but those visitors spent more.

Spending among out-of-state travellers who viewed the ads increased 4 percent, even though the number of Colorado-bound tourists fell 9.5 percent, according the Colorado Tourism Office’s latest research.

Researchers blamed waning interest among marijuana tourists — visitors who travelled to Colorado largely for the legal weed — for the drop in advertising-influenced visitors.

“2016 represented a return to the more usual Colorado traveller,” Colorado Tourism Office director Cathy Ritter said, noting that the latest research shows the novelty of being able to consume and purchase marijuana has levelled off and Colorado is attracting a slightly older, more affluent traveller who leaves more cash in their wake.

According to Indianapolis-based Strategic Marketing and Research Insight, influenced spending — tourism speak for money spent by tourists who viewed ads in markets where promoters cast their nets — reached $2.72 billion in the spring and summer of 2016, up about $120 million compared with the previous record-setting year. But the number of visitors saying they came to Colorado after seeing the “Come To Life” ads fell to 1.9 million last year from a high of 2.1 million in the spring and summer of 2015. In 2014, the ad campaign generated 1.7 million trips to Colorado, stirring a $2.6 billion impact.

That works well for Ritter, who, after several listening session tours across the state last year, is sculpting a new tourism mission that focuses on luring “high-value” tourists to Colorado, and pushing the right travelers to the right places. The latest research, shows the effort is “going in the right direction,” Ritter said.

“It’s always good news for Colorado when there’s a great economic benefit from a lesser impact,” she said. “One thing we heard loud and clear in our listening sessions is an interest in sustainable tourism. We want to be taking approaches that would reduce the impact on our environment and even making travellers part of the solution in creating a better environment for Colorado.”

The cascading waterfalls and happy families plucking wildflowers around lonely lakes featured in the state’s soon-to-be 6-year-old “Come To Life” campaign — cultivated by Denver’s Karsh Hagan agency — continues to rank as one of the most effective tourism efforts in the country, according to Denise Miller, the SMARI executive who planned to present the latest research to the Colorado Tourism Office board on Wednesday.

Miller’s research shows the 2016 drop-off in ad-influenced visitors stemmed from a decline in the number of tourists who said legal marijuana was a motivator for their visit to Colorado.

In 2015, 7 percent of travelers surveyed by SMARI said visiting a dispensary was a top reason for their visit to Colorado. In 2016, that number dropped to 4 percent. Top motivators for a Colorado holiday in 2016, according to SMARI, included scenic drives, hiking, backpacking and visiting a state park, national park or historic site.

That 24 percent, record-setting spike in advertising-drawn travellers in 2015 — surging to 2.1 million from 1.7 million the year before — “may have been a one-year anomaly, driven by demand among younger, lower-spending travellers curious about legal marijuana,” according to a release by the Colorado Tourism Office announcing the new research.

The typical Colorado traveller profile, according to SMARI, returned to its more traditional roots in 2016: an average age of 45, well educated and with a higher income, spending on average $1,401 on their Colorado vacation in 2016, up from $1,250 in 2015.

Ritter said the latest surveys of Colorado travellers show the value of conducting in-depth research every year over a period of several years.

“Colorado has been charting new ground with this change in the law,” she said. “We really have have been able to measure and see the change in behaviour over the last few years and this could be instructive to other states. It certainly makes sense for Colorado to lead the way here.”

In 2015, the state lured 77.7 million visitors who spent $19.1 billion, marking a fifth record year in a row for an industry that generated $1.13 billion in state and local taxes. The Colorado Tourism Office will release the full results of the 2016 tourism years — including more SMARI research and the results of the annual survey by tourism-measuring firm Longwoods International — in June.

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Bud Rot and Your Marijuana Plants

Bud Rot and Your Marijuana Plants

If all people who grow marijuana were asked what the bane of their existence was, many (if not most) would answer, “bud rot.” Bud rot can be incredibly devastating to any marijuana crop, due in large part to the fact that it comes after nearly an entire season of growing healthy plants, only to completely ruin the buds in the end.

Not only does bud rot have the ability to ruin months of hard work, it also can take hold and destroy everything in one mere week – or less. For that reason, prevention is key. Once bud rot takes hold, it can be extremely difficult (if not impossible to get rid of). Find out how to detect and fix the problem and be sure to check out my free Marijuana Grow Bible for more pro tips.

If you are not already familiar with bud rot, it is important to have a basic understanding of the fungus in order to know how to prevent it. It is also known as “gray mold” and is a type of fungus or fungal disease. Like all fungi, it thrives in climates that are humid and cool.

Bud rot can occur anywhere and anytime, even when your marijuana plants do not yet have buds. The temperature and humidity level are the most important determining factors in how at risk your marijuana plants are for getting bud rot.

To get more advanced, the actual fungus that causes bud rot (or gray mold) is called Botrytis cinerea. One of the reasons it is so difficult to manage is that it rots your buds starting on the inside. Once you notice it on the outside of your marijuana plants’ buds, it is already too late to combat. The bud is lost.

Gray mold doesn’t only affect marijuana plants either. It has been known to attack strawberries, grapes (especially wine grapes), and peonies in particular. It is tough to know when your plants have been exposed to gray mold because it is spread from place to place through its dusty spores that either travel through water or blow in the wind.

Your marijuana plants won’t get bud rot unless they are physically exposed to the fungus. That may make it seem like it’s easy to prevent, but unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that the spores never come in contact with your plants. There are certain precautions you can take to lower the chances, however.

Another aspect that needs to be in place for bud rot to take hold is some sort of physical tear in your marijuana plant’s tissue. These tears can come from training your plant (as they can be extremely small for bud rot to get inside), or they can come from insect damage. Insects such as caterpillars, snails, or worms can damage your plants enough to let bud rot inside. Even mildew can have this effect.

Noticing bud rot in your plants is surprisingly easy. The tricky part comes when you want to detect it before it damages your marijuana plants’ buds beyond saving. That said, certain symptoms can lead you to take notice of bud rot before it gets too grim.

Bud rot typically starts at the youngest stems in your marijuana plants, specifically where the plant meets the soil. It softens these stems and turns them brown in color, eventually causing them to weaken and fall (known as “damping off”). Although it generally starts with the younger stems, it will certainly attack your plant’s more mature stems as well.

The beginnings of bud rot look grayish brown in color and then start to get covered in fungal spores. At this point, your marijuana plant will begin to turn yellow since it isn’t getting enough chlorophyll to stay green. Any growth above where the bud rot has taken hold all the way around the stem is going to begin to wilt.

Buds are the next target for bud rot. The buds on your female marijuana plants are especially appealing because of how moist they are. The leaves will begin to wilt and brown, and the pistils will do the same afterward. If left to its own devices, bud rot will entirely cover the buds of your marijuana plants, making them look brown, gray, and slimy. In other words, the buds are completely pointless at this point.

Sometimes bud rot can be rather tricky. It might only appear on some of the buds of your plants, or it might be more obvious in other parts of the plant first. The cola of the plant could even look like its drying up rather than suffering from what you might expect bud rot to look like. But do not be deceived.

Even the outsides of the buds could look like they are drying out, even though bud rot specifically targets the wettest part of any plant. Be especially wary of the area near the colas of your plants if they have particularly large colas, as those areas are not exposed to much air circulation and are generally attacked there by bud rot first.

Bud rot can be dealt with if you notice it when it still looks white and fluffy rather than gray, brown, dark, and dusty. It is uncommon to catch the mold in this state, however, meaning that as soon as you notice any bud rot on your buds, it’s likely too late to save those buds. Check inside the buds just to be sure – if they look dusty, brown, or dark gray on the inside, then your bud has been lost.

Bud rot occurs most commonly in environments without much light. Therefore, having lots of light to begin with is one way to combat the potential development of bud rot.

Our Symptom Checker can help you identify any problems.

Although bud rot can be absolutely devastating, the good news is that there are specific things you can do to prevent it from ever taking hold on your precious marijuana plants to begin with. This means not only keeping the environment a toasty warm, dry place with good ventilation but also taking other types of precautions to prevent any unnecessary risk of gray mold exposure.

As a general rule of thumb, the temperature of your grow room should always stay above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though there should be enough humidity for your plants to stay healthy, that should remain below 50%. This is crucial when trying to avoid the development of bud rot.

Of course, outdoor growers don’t have it as easy. There is no sure way of preventing their plants from being exposed to gray mold blowing in the wind or making it to their plants through the water. Therefore, be glad that you are an indoor grower who can perfectly control your growing environment.

Another way of preventing the development of bud rot is not to let your plants get too bushy and dense in terms of leaf growth. You can train or prune your plants to maintain the proper shape without too high of a density, thus allowing plenty of ventilation to permeate the foliage of your plants. Plants with densely growing leaves are more likely to develop bud rot because there is a greater opportunity for moisture to get trapped.

Pruning your marijuana plants should be done carefully. Make sure you don’t remove a high number of leaves all at once, as this will not only shock the plant but will also cause your plant to lose many valuable sources of energy. Remember that marijuana plants get their energy from their leaves being exposed to direct sunlight.

The best way to remove any leaves is to take away the ones that are already receiving little or no direct sunlight, or ones that are blocking numerous other leaves from getting lots of direct sunlight. This will be the most efficient way to lower the density of your marijuana plants’ leaves.

Other preventative measures that should be taken include changing your clothes before going into the grow room, as clothes can easily serve as transport for bud rot spores. This will have the added benefit of being preventative for a number of other pests being exposed to your plants. If you happen to have a cat or dog, be sure it always stays away from your grow room.

Any types of tools that you use on your marijuana plants should be sanitized before and after use. The same applies to outdoor grow setups as much as possible. For outdoor plants, watering is also an important thing to think about. Or, rather the timing of your watering schedule. The best time to water marijuana plants which may be at any risk for developing mold is during the heat of the day.

Watering your marijuana plants in the middle of the day allows them to properly dry out before the cooler, darker nighttime takes place, which is when bud rot would best start developing. Even indoor marijuana setups can follow this basic logic. Whatever type of setup you have, make sure your plants have an adequate amount of time to dry out afterward before nighttime or the lights are turned off.

Another element that should be paid attention to is ventilation. Keeping air moving across your plants does wonders for keeping them dry and healthy. Bud rot thrives in a dark, cool, still, moist environment. Taking away each of these elements one at a time is an excellent way of reducing the risk of bud rot. The key is to make sure the air is touching all parts of the plant, not just the tops.

Other, more aggressive ways of preventing bud rot from developing include using bacillus subtilis spray or a sesame oil spray or neem oil spray onto your plants so that there is another barrier preventing the gray mold from getting started growing. Potassium Bicarbonate does the same job and is also organic.

If you do discover bud rot on any of your plants, remove the entire plant right away. Losing one plant to protect the others is well worth it. Whatever you do, don’t add this plant to a compost pile, as that will spread the mold far and wide. Seal it into a plastic bag and then discard it. Some people manage to prune the affected parts of the plants successfully, and the rest of the plant continues living. This is by no means a surefire way of saving the plant, however.

Other methods include copper sulfate mixed with slaked line, used commonly by vineyard workers to prevent bud rot. Copper soap and copper spray are also available for use throughout your plants’ lives. Then spray your plants with sulfur, so the treatment takes to the air and spreads.

Outdoors plants are at the greatest risk for developing bud rot after rain. If there is rain in the forecast and you know well enough in advance, try putting a tarp over the plants to prevent most of the water from getting in. Be sure that there are no spots for water to pool on the tarp. If the rain happened before you could do anything, get back to your plants as soon as possible and physically shake each one of them.

Marijuana plants with bud rot will start to have a burnt, browning look around the edges of their leaves. These leaves will eventually turn dark and purple altogether and perhaps will grow spots as well. The leaves could simply grow abnormally as well — so if you see any strangeness developing on your marijuana plants’ leaves, be sure to take a closer look.

Whatever you do, don’t use fungicides when your plants are in their flowering phase. This could have a detrimental effect on the taste and smell of your buds. If you do discover gray mold in your indoor grow setup, there is probably something about the environment that you can change to make it less hospitable to this pest.

Keep in mind as well that you may need to harvest your plants early if you start seeing widespread signs of bud rot. Better to harvest your plants early than not at all, of course! Harvesting early does come with a greater risk of mold developing during the drying process, so remember that the risk does not go away once you’ve harvested.

Find more on bud rot on my blog and be sure to prevent it.

Happy growing!

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The Best Weed Grinders Of 2017

The Best Weed Grinders Of 2017

Aside from coffee and donut, there’s no better pair than good vape and a good weed grinder.

Weed grinders have grown popularity over the years thanks to the booming cannabis industry in different parts of the world.

For you, the cannabis connoisseur, there’s no better way to start 2017 than buying a new weed grinder that can be paired with your vaporizer to enhance your vaping experience.  

However, New weed grinders seem to hit the market regularly, while this can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming having so many options and price points to choose from.

If you are new to the vaping world you might be wondering:

What the hell is a weed grinder?

Weed grinder is a small device that grinds different kinds of plant material ranging from cannabis to herb to tobacco. Depending on the design of the weed grinder, it has 1 or more compartments and materials typically made of acrylic, metal or wood.

Best Weed Grinder 

At Smokazon, we offer some of the best weed grinders that you’ll see in the market today. Since we know that different users have different needs, we’ve come up with a list of the best weed grinders for 2017. 

For this list, we divide them into categories, and we grade each grinder by multiple different factors:

Performance, Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, and Price.

The categories listed below for the best weed grinder are as follows: 

Best Overall Grinder, Best Value Grinder, Best Quality Grinder, Best Fine Grinder, Best Travel Grinder, and Best Stealth Grinder. You can read an explanation for each category here.

We’ve also included a full review for each herb grinder under the table made by our in-house grinder experts.

Read on to discover our best weed grinder pick for each category! You can either skip to your favorite grinder using these table or grab a vape, get comfy and keep scrolling!

Best Overall Weed Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Cleaning/maintenance, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

Kannastor Grinder 

Best weed GrindersThe Kannastor Grinder is your type of herb grinder engineered to make grinding weed easy and efficient. In terms of material used, the manufacturer invested in aerospace technology in making this particular product. Therefore, if you are considering a grinder with a highly durable design, this is the way to go.

A bit cheaper than most grinders within its class, this makes the Kannastor grinder our top pick among consumers.

It has an efficient design that lets you avoid problems such as pollen and resin that stick to the grinding teeth. And because of this, it also makes maintenance quite a breeze. It also has a replaceable screen which helps prevent hard maintenance concerns. The 4-piece version measures 2.5 inches, while there is also the full 8-piece grinder under its GR8TR line.

Upon unboxing the Kannastor Grinder, you’ll notice its sleek and minimalist design. It also allows you to peek how much herb you have since it has been actually as a clear jar unlike other herb grinders in the market.

It has a screw in the mechanism that gives you the option whether to produce a course grind or a finer grind depending on what you actually prefer on your vaporizer. In terms of performance, the Kannastor Grinders can ground the herb just enough that the herbs don’t also burn too quickly once you started vaping.

What stands out the most on the Kannastor grinder is its grinding compartment’s aluminum teeth found in the lid and the bottom. It efficiently takes your material into smaller pieces. It is also worth mentioning that the screen has the right sized holes that allow the crystals to pass. 

If you’ve felt frustrated about cleaning your grinder, then this isn’t an issue when using the Kannastor grinder. All you need to do is to replace the screen, and you are all set. You’ll just need screen pliers to remove or replace the screen.

So what are the things that you might not like about this grinder? Though it serves the great use for the pickiest vaping enthusiasts, it can be a quite complicated especially for someone who is quite new to vaping. The more compartments you prefer on Kannastor Grinders, the more complicated it could get. 

Best Grinder For Money

Based on: Performance, Probability, Easy of use, Price.

Space case grinder

6-space-case-best weed grinders Considered by some critics as the Bentley of grinders, Space Grinders is one of the oldest names in the business. Made of aerospace aluminum and titanium coated, this device is considered as a standout in the market. Since made of high-quality material, this device can also withstand fall and will not get scratched or get damaged easily.

One notable feature of the Space Case grinder is its Strong Magnetic Lids. This means that the lid stays on and for a good reason. It allows the buds to stay in place, and avoid wastes. And though there’s a magnet, it still allows free spinning thanks to its thread design.

Space Case grinder also has sharp teeth that grind the whole herbs finely. It is because of its sharp diamond teeth that allow users to slice through the thickest herbs that you can find. Unlike other products that no longer perform well after a few years, you can guarantee that the Space Case grinder’s teeth remain sharp even if it is frequently used.

The Space Case Grinder can also give you the best value for your money because it leaves no material left on the device.

Also, if you like carrying around your weed grinder, the Space Case grinder is actually lightweight. It also has Teflon-grade O-rings that make the device ergonomic even to those people with arthritis. It helps the device to not cause friction when you are grinding it. This results in a much smoother overall performance.

The Space Case is grinder has three different sizes which give you the chance to choose which item fits your vaping needs. It is available in both 2-piece and the more expensive 4-piece version. The four-piece Space Case grinder has kief screens made for pollen collection in its special chamber.

There are only a few things that you might not like about this particular vaporizer. For instance, in terms of performance, you’ll notice material can also get stuck if you load Some materials leave amounts at one time. Though a simple concern that can be fixed, it can still be considered a design flaw nonetheless. However, it can be fixed just by shaking the grinder.

Best Quality Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Easy of use

Mama P’s Grinder

5-mama-ps -best weed grinders Mama P’s Grinder is an award winning grinder made from the top recycled aircraft quality aluminum material. Though there is already some aluminum made grinders in the market, not a lot can say that they’ve entered the industry with a bang.

Among the awards, this product received included First Place for Best New Product during the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Denver.

For a lot of people who used Mama P’s grinder, it is already considered a classic weed grinder. It features what a classic American made product is all about. If you are looking for precision, durability, and grinding herbs into small pieces, then this device is considered the best product.

It is a 4-part herb grinder that has an included lifetime warranty upon its purchase as evidence of its superior quality. Included in this grinder is also a magnetic lighter, which matches everything that you will ever need to get satisfaction on your weed. It also features one of the deepest grinder tray in the market.

According to the manufacturer, this weed grinder has been crafted in the US and has been inspected 10 times before it was approved. Included is a replaceable 60-micron titanium screen that has been hand wedged in each grinder, allowing you to replace the screen if it ever gets damaged. 

The bottom component of Mama P’s Grinder also functions as a kief catcher that collects pollen dust that goes through the replaceable screen.

It is also best known for its ergonomic design which has even been praised by people who have arthritis. And lastly, Mama P’s Grinder has 57 diamond cut teeth that allow its output to a favorite among weed connoisseurs.

One thing that you may not like about this product though is that it can be quite expensive. The cheapest is already at the same price as the Space Case and Kannastor which can be a turn-off for some. But what do you expect? You really get what you pay for.

Best Travel Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Easy of use, Price

Compton Grinder

Best weed grindersThe Compton Grinder is one of those herb grinders that you don’t expect to be highly competitive against top-of-the-line grinders such as the Space Case. You rarely hear it, unlike its other counterparts. However, upon inspection, you’ll notice that it can be considered just as good as the other options out top options out there.

Upon inspection, the aircraft grade aluminum material is similar to other durable brands in the market. In addition to this, the Compton Grinder has an ashtray that gives a brassy metallic feel.

The top part of the Compton Grinder includes grinder teeth that are both sharp and sturdy. It has 16 teeth located on the grinder cap with 11 interlocking by the bottom. The reason behind the uneven number of teeth on top and bottom of the device can be considered a genius. Compton Grinder has an uneven number of teeth to allow the material to be loaded and grounded finely.

The device has a strong neodymium magnet that keeps everything in place. The kief collection works chamber at the bottom also works perfectly. In fact, if you use the grinder often, you’ll notice the amount of pollen you’ll be able to get to the bottom of this herb grinder.

This product’s design is known for its attention to the slightest detail including a curvature found in the kief basin which allows easy removal of the scrap. The Compton Grinder is available in 4-piece and 2-piece versions for your preference.

Best Fine Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Grinding, Price

Santa Cruz Grinder

best weed grindersIf you’ve been using acrylic herb grinders over the years, you are definitely missing a lot. The Santa Cruz Grinder is more than just your typical weed grinder. What makes the Santa Cruz grinder special is how fine it delivers the herbs. It has a unique tooth design that grinds without mashing your materials.

On the outside, the Santa Cruz Grinder is made of an aluminum material that makes the item resilient to getting dropped or from scratches. This particular herb grinder is available in four different sizes that can be considered a reliable partner for vaping your favorite herbs.

The four-piece grinder has three different chambers. The top and the center are connected to each other that allows the already grounded herbs to fall. The center is then connected to the bottom connected by a stainless steel mesh that further screens smallest particles.

The Santa Cruz grinder has also been designed to keep your herb in place with both a magnet and a unique thread pattern that connects the different pieces. The magnet allows everything in place while you grind in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The thread, on the other hand, prevents the material of the weed grinder from grinding against each other.

Details also make this particular grinder standout from the rest. It has added grip by the side. It also comes in different composition either you want a 2-piece or a 4-piece weed grinder.

Best Stealth Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Size, Price

Grinder Card 

best weed grinders If you are looking for the simplest construction that can get the job done, the Grinder Card is a great option for you. This type of vaporizer is an unconventional approach to the typical round-shaped grinder design that has become popular in the market recently. This credit card sized grinder fits in your wallet and is considered a discreet weed solution by a lot of weed users today.

Made of medical grade stainless steel, it allows you to grind your material without the threat of having any after taste due to the material used on the grinder. It is also easy to clean because of this. You can clean this grinder using alcohol.

It also isn’t rocket science to operate this herb grinder. This grinder works exactly like a cheese grater. By simply placing the material on the surface of the grinder, you can already get your herbs in its finer version ready for vaporization or even for your roll.

This herb grinder features dual grind surface. It allows the sure to have either fine or medium grind depending on what you really prefer.

Unfortunately, its design can also have its drawbacks. For one, it doesn’t save your kief. For serious vaping connoisseurs, that’s a deal breaker. In addition to this, it takes more effort to grind the herbs on the Grinder Card than other conventional options out there in the market.

Unlike other brands that have a collecting basin, you will have to improvise on this particular product. It is important that you have a clean surface or paper that collects the material underneath. And lastly, though you can keep it in your wallet, this device can be a bit messy.

For a lot of users, the Grinder Card isn’t their primary grinder. Instead, they only make use of this product as an alternative when they are not at home. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Grinder

As the market for vaporizers grew, it follows that the number of herb grinders in the market also increased in number. It’s no secret that vaping is best enjoyed when the material is cut and grounded into small pieces. Grinders allow the vaporizers to evenly heat the material when grounded to smaller bits.

But it can be quite confusing to choose the right grinder. Given the number of weed grinders in the market today, anyone can easily get overwhelmed by all the jargons and technical terms that you’ll encounter when reading the review.

In reality, buying decision towards the right grinder can be simplified even for the beginners. Here are some things that you want to consider.

How Many Compartments Do You Need

In my opinion, this is the most important question when buying a grinder. 

Try to answer this 2 questions to find out how if you need single chamber or perhaps multi chambers:

What kind of vape enthusiast are you?

Do you also collect the kief? According to Wikipedia: Kief refers to the resinous trichomes of Cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. In other words: Kief is the THC-rich resin that falls off the herb when grounded into small pieces.

There are 3 types of grinders:

2 Piece Grinder:2 piece grinder - Best weed grinder

This type of grinder, also known as a 1 chamber, have only one designated area where your weed is being grounded.

Because of the 1 compartment, the ground herb might be in different sizes which can make the grinding process longer.

Once you have done your first round of grinding, you should open and see if any big bud sizes need to be re-grind.

3 Piece Grinder: 3 piece grinder - best weed grinders

This type of grinder, also known as 2 chamber grinder, has an additional compartment that sits right below the grinding surface.

This compartment collects all the fine herbs that fall through when the weed doesn’t break down enough.

4 Piece Grinder:

This type of grinder, also known as 3 chamber grinder, has a third area: the kief catcher.
4 piece best weed grindersAs mentioned before the kief is the THC-rich resin(small crystals) that falls off while grinding. With other grinders, you simply don’t have the option to collect those THC crystals, and as a result, they do not get smoked. With the 4 piece grinder, you are able to collect all these goodies that fall to the bottom.

To quick summarize it: If kief is one of your priorities, it’s a good idea to choose a 4-piece grinder that has a mesh screen on its lowest compartment. This screen helps to collect the resin that falls off the bud.

On the other hand, if Kief isn’t your priority, then you can always stick to the 2-piece weed grinder set up.


The number one consideration that you have to make is to choose a high performing grinder that meets your needs. Though there’s no general rule on how to define performance, there are those grinders that provide both fine and course grind to its users. If you are serious about vaping, it is imperative that the herbs don’t end up too small to get easily burned, as well.


You can always view grinders as a long term investment whether you like rolling your herbs or you plan on using the most expensive vaporizers. It is crucial that you check the overall durability of the item whenever you decide to get one. Is it going to last for a good number of years? Is it made of a durable material or just some crappy plastic?

Do the teeth in time become blunt? Highest quality products don’t have this kind of problem. In fact, you won’t have problems grinding the huge amount of herbs at the very same time.


A lot of people forget about ergonomics. Does it have extra grips? Does it slip in your hands when you use it? Keep in mind that not everyone has strong hands that can handle the most complicated designs. This is especially important especially for people with arthritis taking medical cannabis for their condition.

The good news is that manufacturers today are very particular how they design their products. It is just as important to take into consideration any difficulty users are going to have when using the product.


Vaping attitude has changed over the years. Nowadays, portable vaporizers have become popular. Gone are the days when vaping can only be enjoyed in someone’s basement.

Because of this trend, the demand for portable vaping also increased and so is the need for portable grinders. Unfortunately, not all grinders are convenient to use outside.

There are those that are somewhat bulky and can even grab the attention of other people. Fortunately, some versions can be kept in your wallet and can be used just the same as a cheese grater. Unfortunately, this setup usually doesn’t have the ability to collect the kief.


Always remember that price isn’t the only consideration that you need to look into.  However, also keep in mind that it remains as an important factor that you should check if you decide to ever invest on herb grinders.

But of course, always remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option. The same goes for the most expensive option. To get the best value for your money, always consider other features of the product. Does it have a warranty? Does it fit your needs? Is it really durable?


It is always a good idea to have a clean grinder. But the reality is entirely different. A lot of herb grinders in the market can get messy especially after it has grounded your herb. It’s a common dilemma among herb enthusiasts to encounter problems such as materials getting stuck in between the teeth of the grinder.

For this scenario, make sure to use materials that can minimize all the mess. Some materials leave less mess especially when you consider the removable screens that can be cleaned. It is a good idea to check if the screens can be replaceable. 


Some products have a lifetime warranty. For others, it only has a warranty up to a certain time. Regardless, warranty gives you peace of mind that what you just purchased is guaranteed to work by the manufacturer up to a period of time. It is also a good measure up to when can the herb grinder keep up and perform as expected.

As a consumer, you should always be smart on how you judge an item you plan to buy. Remember pricing can be determined by several factors including marketing. Some brands will be a bit more expensive than others because of branding or because of the hype built around it.

Categories Info:

Best Overall Weed Grinder – This category featuring the best grinder available in the market in terms of Performance, Cleaning/Maintenance Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

This is the creme da la creme of the weed grinders on the market today. With the easy screen change, smooth and fine grinding that’s the one, we will recommend to whether you are a beginner or master grinding! This is the one we are using around the office, and we love it!

Best Value Grinder – This category featuring the best value for money grinder in terms of Performance, Probability, and Easy of use and most important Price. The grinder rated in this category will not only give you the best performance it’s will also come with affordable price tag and easy of use. The grinder will satisfy your daily grinding without breaking and delivering great results!

Best Quality Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of Performance, Easy of use and most important Quality. This grinder rated in this category made of the best materials and could handle tough work with ease.

Best Travel Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of Performance, Portability, Easy of use and Price. This is the grinder to take with you when you travel whether it’s outdoor activity like hiking, skiing, flying or indoor like hotel or just visiting friends. This grinder’s price tag make it affordable to buy as the second grinder to take around.

Best Fine Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of grinding your herb fine and getting the most out of it. The grinder will give you fine grinding bud every time with smooth and easy use.

Best Stealth Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of  Performance, Portability, Size, and price. The grinder will be a grinder you can carry around with no one knowing you actually carry one. It’s a grinder you can simply stick in your wallet and go.

Still confuse with all options?

If you still can’t quite figure out what weed grinder is best for you, ask yourself these questions and shoot me an email or comment below with your replies:

1. Where will you be using your weed grinder?
2. Will be using it daily or once in a while?
3. Will you be using it outdoor or indoor?

5. How important are the size and discreteness?
6. How important price is for you? 



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