6 Stoner Essentials for the Summer of 2017

6 Stoner Essentials for the Summer of 2017

Summer!  Yay!  One of my favorite times of year to enjoy weed outdoors with my friends.  I am not sure what I love the most…the backyard barbecues, the festivals, the street fairs, the outdoor concerts, the hiking, the swimming….I could go on! Regardless which one of those activities is your favorite, you can be certain that these 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017 will suit your needs.  Enjoy!

The Blackrock Originals Safety Case

This case is completely outfitted and smell proof and is so compact it can fit in any small bag and is perfect for camping, hiking, or anything on the go really.  The basic kit/case Includes 1 Stainless Steel Grinder Card, 1 Hitter Pipe, 1 Poker Tool, and 3 Silicone Containers that can be used for flower or wax. The case has a carbon filter, which works by absorbing smell particles inside the case and the tape sealed zipper restricts airflow, making the case smell proof. Thoughtful design and high quality materials conceal your stash in plain sight, and your favorite vaping and smoking accessories will fit perfectly alongside the custom components that are included.

blackrock safety case

Ozone Socks Laced Weed and Weed Camo Socks

We tend to think of socks as more of a fall or winter item, but they are so much more fun when worn with shorts in the summer!  Not only is the design beautiful on these socks, but Ozone Socks are also made from the highest quality natural cotton fiber which offers strength and breathability.  The seams and designs are all knit into the socks and I can attest that they feel amazing!  Definitely one of the 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017.

ozone socks weed socks

The Genifer M Modern Leaf Pendent

This necklace is perfect for concerts, festivals, rooftop bars, or just he backyard cook out with friends.   This trendy but elegant solid 14kt gold pendant is modeled after a single cannabis leaf, a symbol of the growing field of legalized marijuana. This pendant comes with a beautiful 14K gold, 16″ luxury chain!  It is a stunning piece of jewelry with the smooth outline of a stylized sativa leaf and really stands out.  Plus…what a great conversation starter!

Genifer M modern pendant

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

You heard me rave about this product in my Mother’s Day article, but I just can’t tell you how much I love it.  The Dipper is by far the easiest, most discrete, and sleekest way to consume cannabis concentrates.  You can use this for dabs anywhere from a camping trip to an outdoor concert to a day at the river.  It fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily packed away in a small bag or purse or even a pocket.  The Dipper (essentially an electric nectar collector) is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer like I have never seen before. and has truly changed my life as a regular cannabis consumer.  Truly impressive and definitely one of the 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017!!

Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Glass Packaging by Pollen Gear

You may recall seeing this product in a recent article we posted about cannabis storage design, and they are so classy and well versed for different cannabis products that I had to include it here as well.  The Pollen Gear glass collection brings superior design to child-resistant packaging to preserve the quality of premium cannabis product. These patent pending, custom glass jars are ideal for display & storage.  All packaging is air-tight, smell-proof, & water-resistant to maintain product freshness.  Also, these patent pending glass jars are made from the highest quality glass and fully recyclable polypropylene lids.  Perfect for any summer stoner outing where you want to bring you stash along, or for storage at home.

Pollen gear cannabis storage

The VIE Vaporizer

This vaporizer was made specifically for vaporizing dry herbs on the go and is of very high quality for the price point.  Device safety and ultimate user experience are driving forces for VIE, therefore this product has been thoroughly tested to meet strict electronic safety standards, strict material standards using food grade materials, and strict quality standards. All the while providing top performance in an small portable device that fits in your jeans pocket.  Perfect for any summer stoner day trip, walk in the park, or just some down time at home.

summer stoner

Enjoy the summer, and these 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017!


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Cop who killed Philando Castile repeatedly blamed smell of marijuana for his fear of driver, newly-released transcript shows

Cop who killed Philando Castile repeatedly blamed smell of marijuana for his fear of driver, newly-released transcript shows

A transcript released Tuesday by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) revealed that police officer Jeronimo Yanez told investigators the smell of marijuana from Philando Castile’s car was a major reason he considered the man a threat.

Yanez, who is Latino, shot Castile, who is black, five times during a July 6, 2016 traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minn. The shooting occurred seconds after Castile informed the officer he was carrying a gun. Castile, a 32-year-old elementary school cafeteria worker, had a permit to carry the weapon.

Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her then-4-year-old-daughter were also in the car. The case sparked national outcry in part because Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook.

On Friday, a jury acquitted Yanez of second-degree manslaughter and endangering safety by discharging a firearm in the shooting. On Tuesday, authorities released thousands of pages of investigative reports along with dashcam footage of the traffic stop and shooting.

The day after the shooting, the BCA interviewed Yanez. According to the transcript (read the full document below), the officer told investigators he noticed the smell of marijuana before even observing the occupants of the vehicle.

“As soon as I get up to the car I’m hit with a odor of burning marijuana. And I know it’s already been smoked and I’ve been around, through my training, I’ve been around burnt marijuana and as a police officer I’ve been around burnt marijuana and fresh marijuana. So I know the distinct smells between both. I smelled burnt marijuana. And then I see a female child in the back. And then I see a front seat passenger, adult female in the front seat.”

Yanez also claimed the smell of marijuana made him think Castile might be carrying a weapon because he may be involved in drug trafficking.

“Being that… the inside of the vehicle smelled like marijuana, I didn’t know if he was keeping it on him for protection, for, from a, a drug dealer or anything like that, or any other people trying to rip him. Rip him meaning steal from him.”

In Minnesota, possession of 42.5 grams or less (1.48 ounces) of marijuana is a misdemeanor with a $200 maximum fine. Driving while under the influence of a controlled substance is a criminal offence, but presence of THC in a person’s body is not.

During the trial, Yanez’s defense lawyers claimed that Castile didn’t respond to the officer’s requests because he was high. According to The New York Times, Earl Gray, Officer Yanez’s lawyer told jurors: “He did not follow orders. He was stoned.”

Castile’s autopsy showed he had THC in his blood when he died, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. A defense witness testified that the THC level meant he had smoked within two hours of his death. But a prosecution expert testified that postmortem blood testing isn’t reliable when it comes to marijuana use, the paper reported.

During the BCA interview, Yanez told investigators that the fact that Castile and Reynolds would smoke marijuana in front of the daughter indicated to him that Castile wouldn’t care about taking the officer’s life.

“As he was pulling at, out his hand, I thought, I was gonna die. And I thought if he’s, if he has the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five year old girl and risk her lungs and risk her life by giving her secondhand smoke and the front seat passenger doing the same thing, then what, what care does he give about me. And I let off the rounds.”

Yanez also revealed to investigators that he intended to ask Castile to exit the vehicle because of the smell of marijuana.

“But you didn’t say anything about the marijuana?” investigators asked.

“I didn’t say anything about that … I didn’t wanna escalate the situation,” the officer replied.

During the trial, Yanez’s defense lawyers repeatedly mentioned marijuana, which was discovered in the vehicle after the shooting. “He’s (Castile) got a gun. He might be the robber. He’s got marijuana in his car. Those are the things in Officer Yanez’s head,” Gray said, according to The New York Times.

The New York Times also reported that prosecutor Jeffrey Paulsen said the dash cam video footage proved that Mr. Castile was “driving normally, pulled over quickly and was alert and courteous when talking to Officer Yanez.”

Joseph Kauser, Yanez’s partner, testified that he didn’t smell burnt marijuana in the car, the Pioneer Press reported. Police delivered evidence at trial of 6 grams of weed inside a plastic baggie tucked in a jar with the lid off on Reynolds’ seat.

Yanez’s defense also argued that Castile lied about his marijuana use when he applied for his gun permit and therefore acquired it illegally. As required under federal law, Minnesota’s permit-to-carry application states that the applicant “must not be an unlawful user of any controlled substance as defined in Chapter 152 of Minnesota Statutes.”

Yanez’s acquittal has led to days of protests, including one in St. Paul last Friday that shut down Interstate 94 for hours. Police arrested eighteen people.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read Yanez’s post-shooting interview with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

(In the above article, utterances such as “uh” have been removed for reading clarity)

BCA’s interview with Yanez after the shooting. (Text)


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Mexico Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Mexico Legalizes Medical Cannabis

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Mexico has officially been passed into law, according to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The new law directs the Ministry of Health to draft and implement regulations, with  “public policies regulating the medicinal use of pharmacological derivatives of cannabis sativa, indica and Americana or marijuana, including tetrahydrocannabinol, its isomers and stereochemical variants, as well as how to regulate the research and national production of them.”

The new law was passed by the nation’s lower house of parliament in April with an overwhelming vote of 371 to 11. “The ruling eliminates the prohibition and criminalization of acts related to the medicinal use of marijuana and its scientific research, and those relating to the production and distribution of the plant for these purposes,” the Lower House said in a statement on its website after its passage.

Mexico now joins just a small number of countries, including Canada, Uruguay and Portugal, that have legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at TheJointBlog@TheJointBlog.com.


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The DIN: A Doctor’s Dangerous Safety Net

The DIN: A Doctor’s Dangerous Safety Net

I work at a Cannabis Clinic that follows all of the rules.  Our Doctors get paid through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (aka OHIP) to assess patients only after copious amounts of supporting documents are received.  Heck, sometimes I think we ask for more just to ask for more!

This is because our Doctors are also overly scrutinized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (aka CPSO).  Capping THC and limiting grams per day keeps them on their toes and ever-aware that they’re risking their license to help strangers use a plant.

A friend has been going through a stressful time at work.  Depression is ever close at hand in times like these so he went to his Doctor for help.  His Doctor couldn’t see him, so another stepped in. She gave him Clonazepam for immediate effect.

Immediate effect or immediate addiction?

What’s more curious is this friend hadn’t been to the Doctor this one replaced in 25 years.  There was no relevant medical history, no supporting documents to prove diagnosis or need for medication at all, and she gave him one of the most addictive, sedative, and damaging meds created.


If this guy came to my Cannabis Clinic, he would never have been booked for an assessment.  We’d make a file for him and we’d send requests for information to his Doctor, but no visits means no treatment notes, no medical history at all.  To be prescribed medical Cannabis you need relevant medical history and a clear diagnosis even though by toxicity cannabis is safer than water.

What’s the difference between Clonazepam and Cannabis?  A Drug Identification Number or DIN.

The DIN is the medical industry’s way of identifying drugs.  To get a DIN, the drug has to go through rigorous testing and studies so that its effects, side effects, and contraindications are known.

So she knew Clonazepam is highly addictive, and that still didn’t deter this Doctor from prescribing it to my friend.  Why is that? Because with that DIN all she has to say is that the patient needed an anxiolytic, which means it treats anxiety.  The DIN protects the Doctor and the Pharmacist goes over risks and contraindications.  Easy-peasy.

The DIN is a dangerous safety net that allows too many of us to be harmed and addicted to meds that do no good.

Cannabis on the other hand doesn’t have a DIN and if you talk to most Doctors outside of the Cannabis industry, they’ll tell you there are no studies.  Absolute nonsense.  Humanity has been doing a Cannabis study for the past 5000 years.  And guess what?  By toxicity, Cannabis is the safest medication known to man.

Then why the fiery hoops?  Why do the Cannabis-curious have to prove diagnosis, list past meds, and give a urine sample to be given permission to try this uber safe plant while my friend got a highly addictive benzodiazepine that is incredibly difficult to withdraw from?

When you’re stressed and on the verge of the dark hole of depression, you’re like a hungry Sunfish biting at any therapy thrown at you.

But who questions the white-coats?

We do, every single day through search engines and family friends, online forums and support groups.  As a member of this pack I feel that we are obligated to warn our fellow human about medications like this, and share the good news about Cannabis.

Lastly, only we can change Canada and these archaic prescribing mindsets.  When Cannabis was mentioned my friend says the Doctor acted like she didn’t hear him.  She could have prescribed him Cannabis and capped his THC at 10%, recommending high CBD and 1:1 strains only.  But the evil you know is better than … a plant that has never killed anyone I guess and it’s because of that stupid DIN.

Write your MP and your MPP and demand respect, research, and better access for Cannabis-curious Canadians.


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Shocker! New Study Finds That Cannabis Users Are Happier And More Successful

Shocker! New Study Finds That Cannabis Users Are Happier And More Successful

Shocker! New Study Finds That Cannabis Users Are Happier And More Successful


The days of the typical lazy, couch-locked, dumb, and unproductive stereotypes are quickly fading away.  

New research from BDS Analytics certainly proves this. The study, the first of its kind, analyzed cannabis consumers as well as abstainers, all coming from different backgrounds including financial factors, social, and mental attitudes. The researchers studied the participants’ level of satisfaction with life, and took into account their attitudes on parenting. They also studied employment data, their enthusiasm for spending time out

The survey, entitled, Cannabis Consumers are Happy Campers used widespread data from the two most prominent states in the country when it comes to cannabis legalization and consumption: California and Colorado. Two thousand subjects in both states participated in the study, while ensuring that 1,200 of them used cannabis over the last 6 months. In the Golden State, the findings revealed that 20% of cannabis users graduated with a master’s degree, while it was 12% for those who didn’t want to use the plant.

Consumers were also found to have a significantly higher household income ($93,800), while abstainers took home just $70,000. Colorado revealed similar results, as 64% of cannabis users had full-time jobs, while just 54% of abstainers had full-time jobs.

When it came to parenting, consumers were also more likely to welcome parenthood, which also disproves the typical stoner stereotype of avoiding responsibilities. In California, the researchers found that 64% of participants have already started raising families of their own, while it was 55% for abstainers.

happy cannabis consumers

Overall Life Satisfaction

The researchers found that almost 5 in every 10 consumers in Colorado agreed that they are happier with their lives today compared to a year ago. For abstainers, only 4 out of 10 said the same.

The findings in terms of social activity and healthy habits were also interconnected; 36% of Colorado consumers referred to themselves as “very social people” while just 28% of abstainers described themselves as social. Users in both states also said they significantly enjoyed outdoor activities.

Consumers also tended to volunteer more; 38% of users in California spend their time helping the less fortunate or have causes. In contrast, just 25% of abstainers said that they engage in volunteer work.

linda gilbert

Feedback From Linda Gilbert

Linda Gilbert, who heads the consumer research division at BDS, said that “Cannabis consumers are far removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them.”

One theme that clearly emerges from the research is the overall healthy well-being of cannabis consumers… when compared to ‘acceptors’ (people who do not consume cannabis but might consider it) and ‘rejecters’ (people who do not consume cannabis and would not consider it),” says the report.

According to Gilbert, she expected to see an equal number of consumers who turned to cannabis for medical purposes although the findings in this area also surprised her. “It actually ends up that a lot of consumers claim to use cannabis for self-care” instead of traditional medical reasons, she says. “These are likely the same people who use supplements or eat organic and vegetarian foods.”

Gilbert also noticed significant differences among responses from participants in both states, which she thinks is “reflective of the maturity of the legal market” in Colorado. Participants from Colorado were less likely to blame cannabis as a factor for mental illness, or the use of other addictive drugs; while that kind of thinking is still prominent in California. Volunteers from Colorado also shared the same sentiment in the sense that they think cannabis legalization helped reduce crime while increasing revenue for the state.

“The thing everyone agrees on,” Gilbert said, “is that cannabis can impair your ability to drive, and that we need tests to determine if you are driving under the influence.”

Gilbert also adds, “The aim is that this will eventually be a national study…. I hope and expect that ten to twenty years from now, this study will still be continuing.” 

We certainly now have reason to believe that cannabis consumers are actually among the most successful and well-adjusted members of society, based on the findings of this study. We sure hope the anti-legalization camp gets their hands on this study and changes their minds – which can contribute significantly to legalization.








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Listen: Country music has a new cannabis anthem

Listen: Country music has a new cannabis anthem

Greta Gaines didn’t intend to write a country cannabis anthem–or record an album, for that matter.

But the six songs comprising her new album “Tumbleweed,” available today on iTunes, poured out over a two-week period last fall as an act of post-election artistic activism, Gaines told The Cannabist.

“I felt helpless, so I turned to music, the only touchstone in my life capable of ameliorating the pain I was experiencing as a patriot,” she said. “I was struck by deep pains of nostalgia, so each song is like a Polaroid of a different place in time.”

Greta Gaines new album
Country artist and marijuana advocate Greta Gaines’ new album “Tumbleweed” includes bonus track “Light it Up.” (Courtesy Big Air Records)

Opening track “Tumbleweed” flashes back a care-free childhood; “Begin Again” recounts a breakdown experienced while hiking deep in the woods; “Sweet William” channels a bygone era of Americana; “Heal Me” celebrates cannabis as lifesaving presence.

Whereas the first six songs on the album were written from a subconscious place, bonus track “Light it Up” is a cannabis anthem that is conscious and very much in the present, Gaines explained.

“I wrote it with ‘This Land is Your Land’ on my mind,” she said.

Gaines will donate all proceeds from sales of “Light it Up” to cannabis non-profits National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Patients Out of Time and Tennesseans United.

Though Nashville resident Gaines is “an activist at my core” and a member of the NORML Advisory Board, she hadn’t previously written a song overtly advocating cannabis legalization.

But the Trump administration’s stance on marijuana and the rhetoric of Attorney General Jeff Sessions inspired her to take a stand.

“This horse is out of the barn,” she said. “Across the country, Americans are using cannabis, and I wanted to write about that–this movement is happening and you can’t tell us how to light it up.”


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The Lowdown on Nevada’s New Marijuana Laws

The Lowdown on Nevada’s New Marijuana Laws

Nevada is nearing the expected July 1st start date for it’s newly passed recreational/adult-use marijuana program and regulations.  Seemingly, cannabis advocates and consumers walked away from this year’s legislative session with more ups than downs, despite the social cannabis consumption bill not passing.

A recent article from RJG goes over many of the new regulations, including taxes, edibles, DUIs, and previous convictions.

Starting in July, all marijuana — both medical and recreational — will be taxed 15 percent at cultivation, and only recreational marijuana will be sold with a 10 percent sales tax.

Medical marijuana currently is taxed 2 percent at cultivation, 2 percent at production and 2 percent at sale.

“What’s important Is that you’re creating that delta between medical and recreational costs – it’s keeping the cost down for medical,” Sen. Julia Ratti, D-Sparks, who sponsored the tax bill.

Revenue collected from the cultivation will be funneled toward schools, and revenue from recreational marijuana sales tax will go towards the state’s rainy day fund.

“This is a brand new industry, we really don’t know (how much it will bring in),” Ratti said. “To have no services dependent on this money, I think it’s really fiscally responsible.”

This method of taxing is different from how Measure 91 rolled out in Oregon, where the taxes from ALL cannabis businesses are pooled together and then split between the various agencies/departments that the funds are allotted to.

In terms of how the new recreational/adult-use program will affect the already existing medical marijuana program in Nevada, legislators and advocates certainly seem to have considered medical patients in the new regulations.  Medical marijuana patient cards used to cost about $100 for a year.  They will cost about half that because background checks no longer are required, and cards will be good for 2 years.  The Nevada Department of Public Health will continue to issue the medical cards.


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Family in Mexico Wins the Right to Import CBD for Medical Use

Family in Mexico Wins the Right to Import CBD for Medical Use

As Mexico approaches full legalization of medical cannabis and research, one company has been a driving force. HempMeds Mexico helped tell the story of Raul Elizalde and his 11-year-old daughter Grace: A family in Mexico wins the right to import cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil to treat Grace’s severe epilepsy.

The Elizalde family’s story spurred an April 28 vote by the Mexican Congress to legalize the use of cannabis for medical and scientific needs.

The bill, which overwhelmingly passed in a general floor vote with 371 in favor, seven against and 11 abstentions, will now be sent to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to be signed into law.

The senate’s vote on this law would have stalled if not for vocal advocacy by Elizalde and HempMeds Mexico, which is a subsidiary of San Diego-based Medical Marijuana, Inc. Elizalde’s daughter Grace lives with Lennon-Gastaut Syndrome. The Elizaldes are well-known proponents of medical cannabis; they sued the federal government and won the right to import cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil.

“This changed my life, my daughter’s life, changed life for all the family,” Elizalde recently told Pittsburgh’s Channel 4 News. Grace Elizalde once experienced hundreds of tremors daily. He founded the Por Grace Foundation in her honor as result of the benefits she is receiving from CBD hmp oil, and to supoort cannabis initiatives in Mexico to help other families.

mexico import cbd hemp oil

Raul Elizalde, the father of Grace Elizalde, and his family were the first in Mexico to sue the federal government and win the right to import CBD hemp oil to treat their daughter Grace’s severe form of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaux Syndrome. Here, Raul speaks to Mexican legislators about CBD hemp oil.

After the Elizaldes’ victory, a legal precedent was set for other families in Mexico to gain access to CBD, including the Maldonado family. The Maldonado were granted the first-ever federal import permit from the Mexican government for a CBD oil made in the US called Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X (RSHO-X), for their 11-year-old daughter Aline.

Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc., (HempMeds is a Medical Marijuana Inc. subsidiary) explained, “HempMeds has furthered the dialogue in Mexico regarding cannabis in general. Having been the first approved company to legally import a cannabis based product in Feb 2016, we have continued to show our leadership role. HempMeds Mexico has been developed, adding to our HempMeds worldwide family of companies. We have sponsored and co-sponsored numerous events within Mexico regarding the legalization of cannabis (Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana) as well as sponsored doctor symposiums (Feb 2016, Oct 2016, Feb 2017). Additionally, we have had two favorable research studies performed by Doctors Aguirre and Garza regarding our products.  We look forward to another doctor educational event on medical cannabis and CBD this June 28th in Monterrey as well as additional research and study within Mexico in the near future.”

Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X became the first and only cannabis product allowed for import into Mexico from the United States in a decision by Mexico’s FDA, COFEPRIS.

Author bio: Jesse Carpender is a cannabis industry freelance reporter. When not covering the green rush, she’s managing a team of craft and food bloggers for a leading digital publishing platform.


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Mama P’s Grinder: Build To Last – Expert Review

Mama P’s Grinder: Build To Last – Expert Review


Average Rating




Our Verdict

If you are looking for high quality, an all American made grinder, and best results, the Mama P’s was built for you!  

Can I be honest with you? 

The best vaping experience doesn’t just come from your vaporizer.

You’ve heard the advice a million times,

You need to have the right accessories to get the best vaping experience.

If you are tired of making a mess when prepping your herbs, it’s time that you explore the Mama P’s Grinder.

Mama P is a brand known for its high-quality grinders that you can use for your vaping needs.

The company is a five-time cannabis cup winner and is popular for their award-winning products.

Mama P’s classic grinder received the 1st place for Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Detroit in 2012.

Not only are Mama P’s grinders popular among random recreational cannabis users, their innovative products have also received praises from the medical community as well.

They’ve won the 2012 Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup for the Mama P’s Wholesome Grinder.

Apart from the different grinders, they are also known for other cannabis related products.

They are the makers of the first only magnetic lighter. They also have water pipes, and pollen presses to name a few. What this means is that they have the ability to create out-of-the-box ideas using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Mama P is one of the brands that still manufacture their products in the US.

In fact,

They inspect each product no less than 10 times before it reaches circulation. Considered even by connoisseurs as one of the top companies in the US, Mama P implements top-notch materials on all of their grinders such using 100% aircraft grade aluminum on their products.

They also made it a practice to make use of a 60-micron titanium screen that ensures uniform sized herbs to pass through once the herbs have been churned by the grinders’ teeth.

The Good

There are a lot of positive things that can be said about Mama P’s as a company.

In today’s day and age wherein companies would most likely purchase from Alibaba and rebrand these items as their own product, Mama P took the effort to do their own research and build their grinders in the US.

And for this reason, they’ve been able to provide high-quality products above the usual products that you would see in the market.

They are also known for providing products that are known for their durability.

They’ve made products with high-quality materials including aircraft grade aluminum that can withstand a good amount of grinding sessions.

Also, Mama P specifically made their screen replaceable and easy to clean. Made not of your typical stainless material but of titanium, you can take it out whenever it already becomes messy.

And if you are the type who is taking cannabis for medical reasons, might as well pair your high-end vaporizer with a Mama P’s grinder.

The Bad

There are not a lot of bad things that we can say to a multi-awarded company that brought us some of the best grinders in the business.

So what are the things that customers usually don’t like about Mama P’s grinders?

If there is anything that the company can improve on, let’s take a closer look at the price. Yes, their grinders are more expensive than your average grinders.

However, let’s admit that you pay for what you get.

As a multi-awarding company that produces grinders that can surpass any of its competitors, you just can’t expect anything cheap from this company.

Design and Performance

Classy, durable, and efficient are just some of the things that can describe the usual Mama P products that you see in the market. The design of each grinder is known for its durability given that the company made use of the very same aluminum used on aircraft. It is said to have all the elements of what an all American made product is all about.

In terms of its performance, it offers precision by providing the right sized herbs for each user.

And if you think that they are simply offering the usual herb grinders, they also have the likes of a 1-inch mini herb grinder. It can even be placed on your neck and fit your fashion statement.

If you are a fan of making the most out of your herb, Mama P doesn’t disappoint. The four piece grinders made by the company also has high-quality stainless steel mesh that allows you to maximize the kief for later use. It has 60-micron holes in order to make sure that only the finest excess goes into the compartment where the kief is stored.

Sharp diamond shaped teeth can efficiently grind down the herbs into small pieces. And as long as you are placing the ideal amount of herbs on the grinders, you can expect nothing but the high-quality output from Mama P grinders.


Maintenance is another thing that you will love about the medical grade Mama P grinders. Aluminum is not only a great option if you like grinders that can last the usual wear and tear; it is also an easy to clean material that guarantees the clean herbs for every session.

You can also remove the titanium screen for easy cleaning. And if it is time to replace the screen, you can easily get a new one preventing you from changing the entire grinder.

Different Types of Mama P’s Grinder

Mama P’s Classic Herb Grinder

The Classic Herb Grinder by Mama P is probably the most popular product that came from the company.

This product is a four stage herbal grinder that gives you the chance to enjoy not only the herbs that have been grounded but also the kief.

It offers an easy to clean and durable material that you can use for years.

In terms of performance, it is also easy to use the grinder. It is best known for its ergonomic design and even praised by people in the medical cannabis industry. It was made to function with minimal friction that caters to users that have mobility concerns.

The 60-micron screen filter made of titanium is also what makes the product a great choice. You can easily get a new one for this screen if it already needs replacement due to wear and tear.

Mama P’s Custom Two Color Herb Grinder

If you prefer grinders that are out of the ordinary, Mama P’s Custom Two Color Herb grinder is probably the best option that you can go for. It offers a chance for users to express their personality with these hand painted grinders. According to Mama P, this makes no two Custom Two Color Herb Grinders have the same design.

It isn’t just about the looks. It has been viewed by some of the most respected figures in the vaping industry including High Times Magazine and was even dubbed as the “world’s best grinder, period”.

The Neodymium magnets is a cool feature that holds the herbs in place, to make sure that everything is air tight inside the unit.

There are few interesting features that you rarely see from the other products:

It has an ashtray that can hold a pipe and Lighter mate lighter.

It also offers replaceable titanium screen. Making sure that you can simply get a new screen once it has been ruined or gets funky from regular use. And because of Mama P’s confidence to its product, it has a lifetime warranty.

Mama P’s Exclusive Color Herb Grinder

Mama P’s Exclusive Color Herb Grinder is another stand out product from the company. For starters, it makes use of the same aluminum used on aircraft. Similar to Custom two Color Herb Grinders, this product also has room for a pipe or a Lighter mate lighter.

It also offers smooth grinding operations and a removable titanium filter.

This filter can come in handy in its maintenance or when having a new screen.

And if you opt to use the herb grinder as your herb container they cover it too.

You can rest assure that its magnet can keep the materials air tight to maintain maximum freshness.

Final Verdict

In terms of reputation and products in the market, Mama P is undeniably among the best out there.

They provide the best grinders that caught the attention of vape enthusiast and even by medical cannabis industry users.

It says a lot that they have won many prestigious awards given to exceptional products for the medical cannabis niche.

Mama P Grinder is the perfect product if you are looking for:

  • An all American-made product
  • Great quality
  • Can produce the best results.

Unfortunately, their items don’t come cheap.

But is it really worth it?

If you are the type of vaping enthusiast who prefers the cleanest vape experience, consider their products as a good investment that can last for years.


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Vancouver Police on Cannabis Strategy

Vancouver Police on Cannabis Strategy

The Vancouver Police ignore Justin Trudeau’s insistence that arresting people for simple possession is eh-okay.

After all, what’s a “just society” got to do with it?

The law is the law is the law. Even though Justin Zoolander himself has smoked cannabis. He even had a brother who’s cannabis conviction disappeared thanks to nepotism.

So why do police charge for cannabis anyway? The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) have the motto “beyond the call,” which really speaks to what we expect from police in society.

The VPD have always prioritized other issues, and one quick stroll down East Hastings clearly shows why.

Vancouver’s hard drug epidemic make “illegal” cannabis shops look like play-doh dispensaries.

The VPD has for some time held the position that the criminal code is not an effective tool for enforcing cannabis prohibition.

And finally, the Liberals have listened and agreed. There are much better ways to control cannabis.

With fentanyl overdoses up 29%, it’s little surprise VPD reports show a drop in cannabis-related offenses.

But at the end of the day, when the Toronto Police want in at the Cannabis Culture Headquarters on East Hastings, the VPD are more than happy to oblige.

But for the most part, the VPD lay-off the cannabis users, perhaps because there are vape-lounges you can go to smoke. Perhaps it’s because skunks litter the lower mainland so if a cop smells you smoking a joint, you’ve always got a valid excuse.

But as the VPD has told the media and city council, there are only a finite number of resources available to the department, and so they choose to focus on more important matters, such as the fentanyl problem.

So, if the VPD were to get a massive 500% budget increase, we should expect them to prioritize other crimes, and since Justin refuses to decriminalize, that should, technically, include cannabis.

But until then, as Staff Sgt. Randy Fincham told the Georgia Straight, “we are also looking at a shift in society in the acceptance of the use of marijuana.”

It’s not always a good thing to have local police decide which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore, but sometimes it is. Sometimes there are social norms only a tight-knit community can comprehend and administer.

Law enforcement is not a homogenous blob that can be summed up in a civics textbook. It’s more like an array of capital and labour across time, each police department is within its own cell of unique, particular circumstances of time and place.

In other words, ignoring the price system demands a credible alternative and so far there hasn’t been one.

Hence, why policing services need a competitive pricing system. This may not be so evident in Canada with cannabis, but it certainly should be a pressing issue for the English and the Europeans who have been victims of terrorist attacks.

Policing and governing services provided in a free, competitive market are not limited by the technicalities of what government has provided (or has failed to provide) up to this point.

A free market system of security, of a fair interpretation and enforcement of laws, is fundamentally unpredictable in detail but can be conceptualized using economic truths.


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